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The Hay Group Singapore: Creating devolution headspace

Successful devolution is all down to leaders.


They need the time and space to focus on what they have to do and they need the skills to enable those around them to do great work.


We recently carried out research into the leadership ingredients of successful devolution agreements. Public and private collaborations need leaders who have vision and great networks. Leaders have to focus on long-term, place-based plans that address economic and societal challenges in a sustained way.


This is a complex task. Leaders need the headspace to think strategically and conceptually, develop meaningful collaborations and manage change in critical services.


Chief executives must be supported by their senior managers in both the public and private sectors. They in turn need to be able to plan and integrate services for the long term while engaging diverse stakeholders, from partners to politicians, staff to citizens. Some of the people we spoke to were concerned about whether senior managers could deliver this; they worried about day-to-day operations ‘falling over’.


We also know that George Osborne is quite rightly concerned about UK productivity. Our research shows that leaders often fail to create productive environments. Just 18% create environments that are high performing, 13% motivating, 12% neutral and 56% demotivating.


Leaders are not making the best of the skills in their teams. They tend to focus on pace, task and applying technical knowledge, rather than enabling others to give their best.

We suggest three things leaders can do:


1.       Involve senior managers in shaping why devolution offers the chance to change service provision and trigger economic growth. Develop a story about why it creates better locality, and how this relates to the organisation’s mission and managers’ motivation

2.      Help senior managers understand their new role in the organisation, the wider public service system and in implementing devolution. Clarify wider system accountabilities and review capacity. You may need to rethink priorities

3.      Provide space for senior managers to review their approach, behaviour and development needs, to lead change in this new working context. Align development work and conversations with the needs of devolution plans, which may require setting new standards.


At a recent devolution event, there was heated debate about whether the sector has the visionary leadership required to deliver the best outcomes. I’d argue that it will only exist if organisations make better use of the capacity that exists around them.

11 months ago

Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: Why consider duct cleaning?

Some people believe that duct cleaning is not necessary, but its popularity these days is undeniable. Based on reviews made from Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning, cleaning both the HVAC unit and the ductwork can be beneficial. Defining duct cleaning is also easy, it is simply a way to clean the intake, return and supply ducts of your home where professionals use specialized vacuums, blowers, and brushes.


The team at Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning offers professional duct cleaning and it involves careful cleaning of the HVAC system's registers, grilles, motors, fans, housings, coils and air handler. In case the HVAC unit and the ducts are contaminated, duct cleaning can be helpful. Reviews show that there are also other factors that trigger duct cleaning, including animals, contaminants, illness, mold, and renovations.


If the ducts are not sealed off, performing renovation or remodeling to your home may lead to dirty ductwork. You need to request a duct cleaning to Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning if there was asbestos abatement, large dust, or lead paint removal. In the case of animal infestation or nesting inside your ducts or HVAC system, remove the animals then clean both the ductwork and the HVAC unit.


Problems may arise inside your ductwork if there's a mold growth, so it's better to get your ducts and HVAC system cleaned. On the other hand, ducts can release contaminants, debris, odors, or pet hair into your home after the registers have been vacuumed and cleaned, so cleaning your ducts is crucial for your home. Consider duct cleaning as well as cleaning your HVAC unit if one of your family members is suffering from an allergy-related illness since it might be your best option to get cleaner indoor air.


Because of its popularity, it's no surprise that there are rampant ducts cleaning scams happening today. To people who can't reach Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning, you can still find similar professional and trustworthy HVAC companies if you're going to remember important notes about this matter such as avoiding any company that says your home is somewhat unhealthy. Other factors in avoiding duct cleaning scams include checking certifications and standards, checking references, getting free estimates, getting a full-service cleaning, verifying results of the cleaning, avoiding sprays and sealants, avoiding steam cleaning, and avoiding any gimmicks.


Choose a company that provides quality services, including professional duct cleaning. The team at Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning needs you to avoid fraud services online and if possible get service protection. You can also inquire about alternative heating systems such as boilers or hot boilers, garage heaters, radiant floor heating, etc. as well as find a full selection of hot water heaters from top brands. Contact them for additional tips and information on heating, ventilating, air conditioning and more.

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Insurance Fraudulent Claims Investigators at Accidental Benefits/Motor Vehicle Crash Claims Investigations

Insurance Fraudulent Claims Investigators at Accidental Benefits/Motor Vehicle Crash Claims Investigations

Accidental claim fraud is one of the most popular insurance frauds that have been dramatically increasing day by day. Unfortunately, there are millions of insured who wants to take benefits through fraudulent activities. They can narrate the whole incident which apparently looks very real and on the basis of it, many of the insurance companies end with the loss of a big amount of currency. The story for fake claim can be narrated in a very professional way, where doctors, witness are ready even to provide their statements or fake medial certificates. Our investigation will not only be zoomed around the insured but it will be based upon all facts and figures where we can grab the whole plan. We believe that we need to find out the pure facts and findings and on behalf of our report, our client not even save the money but also can take proper actions against fraud. However, the companies always try our best that our client become more vigilant and review each and every matter through the hawk eye.

Claims Investigations perform our investigation in many ways. The first foremost thing desired is to verify the details which lead to contradictions. Secondly, obtain the real picture of the complete case. The Company collects and verifies the following aspects while conducting Accident claim investigations:

·         Insured’s proper address

·         Date of accident, time and place where accident occurred

·         Detail circumstances of the accident

·         Description of the injuries/cause of the Insured’s death

·         Motor Vehicle Crash analysis

·         List the names and addresses of all physicians and hospitals that provided treatment to insured.

·         Police or other authorities investigate the accident (name and other information of all investigating officers)

·         Autopsy/post-mortem report/medical record from the hospital (name and address of Medical Examiner)

·         Statements of the witnesses, Site visits and scene diagrams

·         Verification of Death certificate/records

·         Copies of police proceedings


The Company collects all the crucial elements in the investigation and can provide the most solid factual evidences to ensure that the capacity of claim is genuine or fabricated. The Company, at GVS has adapted the best practice guide to tackle the growing problem of Insurance fraud. The Company shows the steps to our clients to make it hard for bogus claimants and lay pebbles on their road to succeed in projecting the claim. Our facts and finding always give more knowledge to our client to forecast the futuristic problems which can lead to high level of damages. The Company provides tailor-made services that will help you to fight against crime and fraudulent activities in Insurance sector. If you are suspicious about a claim or want to know the real facts, the company is always standing beside you to curb the fraud. Kindly contact us on info@claiminvestigators.com according to your requirement respectively.

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Business Journal names "Healthiest Employers" winners

Attendees at the Healthiest Employers 2011 awards luncheon walk around the exhibitors area before the awards.

Five Sacramento-area companies won top honors at a luncheon Friday for theie employee health and wellness efforts. Rood & Dax Advanced Insurance Services Inc. of Sacramento won in the micro category (10 – 50 employees).

Dr. Richards Isaacs accepts a Healtiest Employers award on behalf of Kaiser Permanente Northern California. Kaiser won in the mega category (10, 000-plus employees). The health care nonprofit, which has made healthy living a central message in its advertising years, has had a wellness program since 2002.